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Great Evening of Entertainment with Paul Bell

Paul Bell was no more expecting to be spending Saturday night at The Church on Oakwood than the audience were expecting to see him. The sudden illness of a member of the booked act called for the need for a quick replacement and we were incredibly lucky to find Paul. He kept us entertained with his wry humour and down to earth, perceptive songs about marriage, the human condition, inequality, slippers and biscuits!

A huge thank you goes to John Cox and his family for organising both the entertainment and the food. 



'Daughters of Davis' - performing live at The Church on Oakwood, Weds 30th September at 7.30pm

The vibrant, young folk/soul music duo, 'Daughters of Davis' are performing at The Church on Oakwood on Wednesday 30th September.

Tickets are available from Hazel Ellison and Fran Wickes.

Fun, laughter and learning at our 'Junior Heroes' Children's Christian Holiday Club!

Our school holiday club saw fifty children entertained for three mornings at The church on Oakwood. Each day we split into our three teams and enjoyed challenges such as making costumes from junk; being the first to wrap a team member in toilet roll; and building the highest tower that could hold a polo mint using nothing but sheets of paper and straws! There was music, games, crafts, Bible stories and learning about how Jesus is our superhero and how we can be 'Junior Heroes' by being inspired by what He did for us.

Bishop Patrick ordained 10th Bishop of Nottingham at St Barnabas Cathedral

Church on Oakwood parishioner Eileen Rees shares her first hand account of the ordination of Bishop Patrick McKinney:




Congratulation to Rebecca on her Baptism at Pentecost

On the feast of Pentecost we celebrate the birth of the Church and the coming of the Holy Spirit. In the Acts of the Apostles it tells us that 3000 people were baptised on that day. It was therefore a perfect choice for one of our younger Church members to be baptised on this feast day. Rebecca has been attending the Church on Oakwood for over 2 years, and made the request for baptism herself. Rebecca's family and friends were there to support her decision and celebrate with her.

Good Friday Activity Day For Local Children a Great Success

Thirty-nine children and their families started arriving at the Church on Oakwood from 10am on Good Friday. They were given a warm welcome from the people on the door.

Thine be the Glory - Risen Conquering Son!

Our Easter celebrations were a truly joyous occasion for both congregations. Coincidentally (or by divine providence?) the Catholics began with the rousing hymn 'Thine Be the Glory' and the Morning Congregation ended their service with it. A testament to how the Easter story unites all traditions of the Church.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Ecumenical Easter Newsletter

Please click on the link to read the Archbishop of Canterbury's Ecumenical Easter newletter

Good Friday - ours were the sins He bore