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David & GoliathDavid & GoliathDaniel in the Lion's DenDaniel in the Lion's Den

Open the Book goes into two local non church schools to present a story from the Bible. We go to Parkview Primary School every week and Breadsall Hilltop Primary School, junior assembly, fortnightly. We tell the same story when at both schools, and ensure continuity by occasionally doing a “double bill” at Breadsall Hilltop.

The team thoroughly enjoys presenting and practising each Wednesday morning in term time. Prayer calms our nerves before we open the book to present stories from The Lion Storyteller Bible. The warm welcome, eagerness of children to participate, and the enthusiasm of pupils and staff to sing, move and use British Sign Language to a variety of songs is so rewarding and uplifting. We then go back to church to practice and prepare for the following week.

Links are strengthened on Wednesday afternoons when a few of the team hear children read at BHTPS, which the Head says has had positive results in raising literacy standards.

All Open the Book teams nationwide follow a three year cycle of stories. We are now in our eighth year and telling the year two stories for the third time. The stories this year are grouped into the following modules: The First Christians, Trusting God, More about Jesus, Men who dared to do right, Children play their part, Adventures in the Old Testament, Christmas and Easter. Many of the 90 stories we tell over three years will be familiar, but can you recall how ravens helped Elijah (1 Kings: 17) or how Hezekiah knew to trust God (2 Kings: 20)?

In August some of the team told the story of David and Goliath during the children’s activity week, and in December, the team and others prepared and distributed the oranges in the Christingle service.

The Bible Society Open the Book April newsletter reported there are now more than 2,320 teams nationwide and the project is being piloted in Accra, Ghana. Your prayers for the continuing growth of Open the Book are appreciated.

We are grateful for this opportunity to reach out to over 400 children and their families in the community, and if you feel inspired to join this enthusiastic team please contact the Church office.

Sheila Harper